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You will be excited about all we have to offer in the way of indoor and outdoor settings for children. We are continually adding props to keep our photography fresh and interesting. There are so many stages in a child’s life. At Davis’ Studio we are prepared to welcome each stage with open arms.


We understand that sometimes children may be afraid or unsure of what’s going to take place. Every effort is made to see that they have fun and their experience with us will leave them with happy memories.


There’s nothing like seeing the excitement in their eyes as they see the pond filled with fish or the cascading waterfall. The bridge is like a magnet to children. It’s so much fun to watch them enjoy their adventures in the water garden areas.


The barn scenes that are captured at Davis’ Studio are priceless. Your child can come as a cowboy (or cowgirl) and have some unforgettable portraits in our barn. We have some children that make it an annual tradition when their birthday photos roll around. They have to have at least one shot in the barn.


Children will never forget a happy experience when their time having portraits done are filled with fun things to look forward to.